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#DD - The Eagle, My Mentor

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Job 39.27-30

“If you don’t know how powerful you are, you are the weakest of all”

One thing that always shocks people about eagles is the power of their sight - they see and they see beyond the natural. Hunters are able to hunt other birds with ease but they can’t hunt eagles with the same ease. 

It’s their swiftness in their flight, their endurance in the air, the timing of the eagle, their dwelling place and how they make their nest, the power in their ability to hunt - all of these carefully calculated efforts contribute to their prevalence and dominance in life. And that is how you too must live your life. Don’t miss your opportunities, learn how to seize territory by making the eagle your mentor.

Add this powerful sermon to your collection of God's word and experience deep and lasting transformation in every area of your life.