#DD - I Have Enough

#DD - I Have Enough

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Pastor JoAnne Danso delved into the story of Jacob and Esau, taking an unconventional perspective by asking one essential, but often overlooked question, "Can anyone see God's grace in Esau's mess?"

After Jacob fled from his brother Esau, what happened to Esau in those 20 years? Esau learned that the blessing is not from Isaac, Jacob or Rebecca, but from JEHOVAH! It was only after he experienced God's grace that he was able to embrace Jacob without bitterness, hatred, or jealously and say #IHaveEnough!

Family, it doesn't matter how long the promise takes-- God's promise is ENOUGH because God's Word is His bond!

As Esau said #IHaveEnough, this is your testimony! Why? To put it simply, "If I have Jesus on my side #IHaveEnough!"

Add this powerful sermon to your collection of God's word and experience deep and lasting transformation in every area of your life today.