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#DD - A Father's Blessing

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“Fathers are originally made by God to become fighters, preservers and protectors… What makes a man is not what he works for, it’s what he hears.”

A blessing is the ability to continue where your physical strength ends. It brings you from being low to being on top through someone speaking well over you. A father’s blessing goes beyond what you alone will get. It is a blessing that sees past your needs and considers your children’s children. This type of blessing is received through first satisfying your father’s hunger. It must be provoked. The blessing lies in hearing the instructions of their father. Being able to hear is part of a spiritual transaction. God has trusted your blessing in someones mouth to speak it over you and anybody that cannot hear their father cannot be blessed. 

Add this powerful sermon to your collection of God's word and experience deep and lasting transformation in every area of your life.